It all started with my grandfather's watch...

With a background in art, design and photography, I've developed a keen eye for beautiful objects and a passion for the arts. When my grandfather passed away, his watch from the 70s was left in my care. This opened a whole new chapter in my life. Learning and handling many watches over the years, I've become a lover of these tiny machines that are able to continue beating. I can only imagine the life they have lived.

My focus remains in vintage (with the occasional modern piece), as I find they have so many stories to tell, with lots of character and personality carried through different eras of design. When aged properly, patina "something that cannot be controlled or replicated" can be a beautiful thing. Patina can add unique characteristics, no two watches will be the same. I hope you can embrace it as I have!

Now I am here to share the love of vintage timepieces and to grow the vintage watch community one watch at a time. An old Chinese proverb goes: “An Inch Of Time Is An Inch Of Gold”. I hope you find golden nuggets of enjoyment as we discuss delectable instruments of time.


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